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FREE Assessment of your ECL situation & needs

✓ Who is it for: Entities with any kind of financial assets that may need expected credit loss calculation 
✓ Offered by: Credit industry and accounting expert company maela
✓ Fast, reliable and cost effective
✓ Moody's Analytics partners using Moody's data for every country and industry
Price of the initial assessment with recommendations: Free

  1. Click, and then click “Let’s get started” button. You will be asked to fill in the simple questionnaire about your company.
  2. After you submit the questionnaire, wait up to 2 business days. The actual specialist, human being (not the robot!) will take a look at it and give you the initial assessment. Actually, there’s a lot of value, because you will get the hint of a direction and the next steps. This assessment is completely free and will contain a quote in case you decide to complete the full process of your ECL calculation with maela.

If you are subscribed to the IFRS Kit, you will get 15% discount up to 1 000 EUR if you decide to proceed with further calculations. That might cover even the biggest and complex calculations.

Full disclosure: CPDbox does not get any financial reward from recommending this service. We simply believe that it is a great value for free and if you decide to proceed with maela further on your ECL calculations, then it is a great value for very pleasant cost.